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Curated research library of TV news clips regarding the NSA, its oversight and privacy issues, 2009-2014

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Primary curation & research: Robin Chin, Internet Archive TV News Researcher; using Internet Archive TV News service.


Philipp Missfelder
Coordinator for Transatlantic Cooperation, Germany
KQED 01/30/2014
Warner: The German Magazine "Der Spiegel" revealed, based on the Snowden papers, that in fact, right on top of the new U.S. embassy right next to the Brandenberg Gate is one of these supersecret intelligence collection hubs. And in fact, it's used to spy on all these government buildings. What did you think when you learned that? Missfelder: I was really shocked because if you find out these kinds of details. Everybody is shocked because then you know who it was, when it was, where it was and this is something completely different. And it becomes so concrete. Warner: Has Angela Merkel's government received any satisfaction from the Americans on any of these issues other than not spying on her cell own? Missfelder: Honestly so far not. We haven't had the progress yet we need and I hope we are able to manage it until the Chancellor has her visits in June in America.
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